Welcome to the wonderful world of Junior Golf. You are about to begin a real adventure into a lifetime of fun. In golf, unlike most sports, you do not have to be big or strong to be successful. Anyone – Men, Women, young and old, can enjoy golf!!
Our staff is committed to helping new golfers become good golfers as well as teaching them to be good “Golf Citizens”. Learning the Rules of Golf, Safety, and Care of the Golf Course are just as important as hitting a great golf shot, or winning a tournament. We look forward to helping your child learn to love the game and have fun doing so!

April 2, 2018-

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2018 Richard Topp Junior Golf Academy Info


March 31, 2018-

Junior Golf is set to start June 21.  Information will be available in the May-June Newsletter. Please call the Golf Shop is you have any questions, 231-755-1841.